Transracial Adoption from one black girl’s perspective


Oct 6, 7 & 8 – 8pm Berkeley, CA

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Vote for Meee! “Ungrateful Daughter” up for *People’s Choice* award

My solo theater show, “Ungrateful Daughter” is up for the “People’s Choice” award for for the East Bay here in Northern California! Please please go to the website and vote for this important work to win this award!!

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“Ungrateful Daughter” at MIT Fri April 30th

As part of the ASAC’s “Adoption: Secret Histories, Public Policies” 3rd International Conference, 2010, on Friday April 30th I’ll be performing UD and sharing the stage with some other writerly folk impacted by adoption, Martha Gelarden, Adam Lazar, Ned Balbo, Rosemary Starace, and Craig Hickman.

Friday April 30th
Bldg 32-Room 123

I’m so excited! I hope if you are near you can come out and say hello.

“Ungrateful Daughter” performances!

Hey ya’ll! I’ve got some upcoming performances of my solo theater show! I’d love it if you came out!
Full description of the show here

March 3
Excerpt at WordsFirst at Counterpulse in SF, 7:30pm
For Tickets go HERE

Tickets, sliding scale: $15-$20
Half-price discount code: firstwords
Discount tix: $7.50-$10

April 8
Ungrateful Daughter full solo show Debut at StageWerks in SF, 8pm
April 22
Ungrateful Daughter full solo show Debut at StageWerks in SF, 8pm

TICKETS to the April 8th or 22nd shows Go here to BrownPaperTickets!

RIP Michael Jackson Part 1

MichaelJackson-OffTheWallSince yesterday I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with so many feelings around Michael Jackson’s death. I’m in the process of writing a blog from my perspective on this. Michael Jackson had a major impact on me as a black child who was a singer and performer growing up in an all white setting. I have much to say. soon.

I will miss him and will always love the music, passion and love he brought to the world.

until then read these:

Davey D
Looking Through the Window: May Michael Jackson Rest in Peace

Adrienne Maree Brown at Colorlines Blog
Michael Jackson – Who’s Loving You?

Jessie at Racism Review
Michael Jackson RIP

The Meaning of MJ

newlogoNext week I’ll be headed to LA for the Mixed Roots Film and Literary festival. Its held at the Japanese American United Museum in downtown LA!!

I’m performing a short piece from “Ungrateful Daughter” and be co-presenting in a writing workshop with my good friend, amazing writer and blogger Susan Ito about mixed-race adoptees and writing.

The festival is FREE. You should come.

Upcoming Performance!

I got a new solo piece I’m showing at the Monday Night Marsh in SF! I hope you can make it out.

This piece doesnt look at transracial adoption in a specific way – but what is does do is try to think about how the nature of adoption and foster care plays upon the notion of “abandonment” and causing a permanent scar upon the person who is adopted or in foster care.  What happens to someone when their first link to love and security is broken and severed permanently? How does that impact their ability to love deeply, create intimacies and maintain committed relationships?

sounds deep i know – but its actually gonna be funny! I hope you can come thru. I’ll be sharing the stage with 4 other amazing solo performers for a full night of theater.

multiple singular voices

7:30 at the MARSH, SF
1062 Valencia Street (near 22nd Street) San Francisco, CA 94110
The Marsh Theater

MARTHA RYNBERG “Late Bloomer” Image, identity, judgement… all
housed in one body.

LISA MARIE author of the solo show “Ungrateful Daughter”
shares a new solo short. What’s it like to be the best girlfriend
ever? Lisa Marie can tell you. Her newest piece investigates how to
maintain your cool, and move through relationships without any
baggage, or attachments – because that’s what we all want – right?

COLLEEN TANI NAKAMOTO “SOFT TISSUE” What makes a woman a woman?
Which comes first – her body, her desires, her memories? What lives
in her soft tissue?

MzDEBRA “From A to B” Be prepared to put on your attentive
listening hat, because mzdebra has a lesson for you. It’s all about
how to get from A to B, and it’s important. There’s a good reason
cave people didn’t use emoticons, and it is not because they couldn’t.

JULIA JACKSON “Tip the Board” A hilarious and touching look at the
age-old, yet uniquely American question, Who is Black enough?”

Adoptees on the Stage Baby!

Im so excited to see another person working out adoptee issues on the stage! This is freakin hilarious! Thanks to Susan for hipping me to it! Update: And to iBastard for posting it for us to find it!!

More Upcoming Shows

If you live in the Bay Area!! –  Shameless Plug to come see Ungrateful Daughter!

Upcoming Performances – 2007

Saturday July 7,   8pm

Sunday July 8,  4pm

Friday July 13, 8pm

Saturday July 14, 8pm
Sunday July 15,  4pm   

Sister Bowman Theatre in West Oakland  inside the Prescott Joseph Center

920 Peralta St (at 9th and Peralta, near west oakland BART)


OUTDOOR theater – so dress warm , bring a blanket and a flask. just kidding. but not about the blankets.

Email me for more info!

Upcoming Show and Presentation

Its been a helluva month my friends. Finally, the end of the semester – which always has me grading mad essays, meeting with students, trying to wrap up my own academic work and trying to stay sane. I also MOVED this month! AAAAAAAAAAA!!! We all know how hectic moving is.. and this one was no different. Im moving from a spacious 3 bdr flat with a huge backyard back to a 2bdr. I wont have a roommate, but I have no yard and no dining room. (sigh). But its a cute cottage and Im happy happy to have my own office again. There is seriously something about being able to write in isolation. I’ve taught quite a few writing courses, both creative and composition and I like to argue that writing is many times a collaborative process – I love the workshop setting. However – there is just something about being able to get up at 2am and write for 3 hours and pass out on the couch without feeling inhibited. I’m still moving out of boxes and trying to do a mass cleaning of my office files, but my kitchen is together and my bedroom is so lovely with a nice tree out my window! I’ve hired a student to help me go through my crates and crates of files. I think I counted freakin 17 crates! Yesterday I found stuff from my students when I was a freeway flyer, lecturing at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, CA, LaVerne University AND Cal State Long Beach in 2000. I was like.. ok.. I think I can throw this away. But I also had flashbacks of how powerful those classes were. I taught “Women of Color in the United States” – I loved that class.

I’ve got two essays / presentations to write by June 26th, and one 40 page piece by July 16th. I’ve got grants and of course the annoucement/ donationa campaign for AFAAD that I’m determined to get done by the end of July.

Shameless Plugs for my Upcoming Stuffs:

“Ungrateful Daughter” is up for another round of workshop performance! The show will be Thursday , June 21 at 8pm, and play at the Jean Shelton Theatre in SF. This time, its for real. ;)

No seriously – this time its a longer piece – about 35 minutes and I’m performing with two other amazing solo artists, who have shorter pieces.

Buy Tickets Here for $10 - Tell your friends!!


I’m presenting at USSF! yay! Im excited to be presenting on a panel at the United States Social Forum. Im looking for some addtional funding to help me pay for my plane ticket – so if you can support me – even with something like 20 bucks. I would appreciate the love.

Here’s the deets:

The Global Politics of Transracial and Transnational Adoption
Featuring Outsiders Within contributors Kim Diehl, Shannon Gibney, and Soo Na, and adult adoptee activist, performance artist and scholar Lisa Marie Rollins.
The panel will be held sometime on Friday, June 29 (please check website for updates), at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta.

Kim Diehl is a multiracial woman adopted by white parents and raised in the US South. Kim grew up in Miami, FL where she currently lives and works. She is a National Organizing Body member of Critical Resistance, a national organization that works to build an international movement to end the prison industrial complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.

Shannon Gibney was born in 1975 to an African American father and Irish American mother. Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she was adopted by a white family five months after she was relinquished. Shannon describes herself as (in this order) a creative writer, journalist, and activist, and has been exploring the potential of the written word to transform social reality for quite a while now. She is deeply indebted to all her teachers and friends (living and deceased), who have contributed to her aesthetic and political development. For more information, or to read Shannon’s work, visit

Soo Na lived in Korea for six years before her migration through adoption to North America. Soo Na’s life work includes working at unclotting the throat and loving without exploitation. She is a teacher, and received her BA from Hampshire College.

Lisa Marie Rollins is a poet and performance artist and author of A Birth Project. She is a PhD candidate in African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley and is currently developing her one-woman show, “Ungrateful Daughter.” She was born in Renton, Washington, adopted and raised in Tacoma, Washington, in 1970. Her adoptive family is of German/Yugoslavian immigrant descent and “good ol’ Mayflower folks, combined together to form one posse of conservative, Christian, farmer folks.” Lisa Marie is the founder of AFAAD (Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora).

The panel will be held sometime on Friday, June 29 (please check website for updates), at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta.

The first-ever U.S. Social Forum (USSF) will provide space to build relationships, learn from each other’s experiences, share our analysis of the problems our communities face, and bring renewed insight and inspiration. It will help develop leadership and develop consciousness, vision, and strategy needed to realize another world.

The USSF sends a message to other people’s movements around the world that there is an active movement in the US opposing US Policies at home and abroad.

We must declare what we want our world to look like and begin planning the path to get there. A global movement is rising. The USSF is our opportunity to demonstrate to the world Another World is Possible!

Event Website:


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