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Become a Backer of Third Root Productions. 
Your financial and in-kind support helps me pay my production team for their time and creative energy,
stipends, travel expenses and much more.
Your donation is tax-deductible because my individual artist work and Third Root’s Collective production work is
fiscally sponsored as projects of Fractured Atlas in New York. 


Here is where your funding be directed:

- Paying honorariums my collaborating artists who have previously been working for free. (Director,  Production assistant, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Image Art Design, Set and Light Designers, Graphic Designers)
– Costs for Theater Rental, House Managers, Techs
– Airfare and Room costs for me and my two Techs. (We hope to cut this by using )
– Costs for Publicity and Marketing materials (flyers, posters, publicist, website)

Full budget upon request if you are interested in becoming a co-producer at $5000.00.

Please know that when you donate to me, you are really donating to ALL the social justice, artistic and writing work I do.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are helping me keep going. I cannot express how much your support means.

Unless you indicate otherwise, everyone who donates, regardless of the amount, you will be listed

here on my website as a supporter of my work.