Non-identifying Information

So today I send off for what is called "non-identifying information" that the state of washington allows adoptee's to obtain. Here's the information I'm looking for. Its more information than the law actually stipulates – but most search helpers mention that you always ask for more, and you're likely to get most of it.

Dear Adoption Facilitator,

I was born March 9, 1970 in Renton Washington at ********* Hospital. I was adopted though DSHS in Washington state in 1970. My adoptive parents remember my final decree of adoption taking place in June or July 1971, but this could be incorrect.

I am writing to request any non-identifying information regarding the circumstances of my adoption. I understand I am entitled to as much information concerning birth parents “as will not endanger the anonymity of the natural parents." I am therefore requesting copies of all original documents with identifying info whited out. Additionally, I request answers to the following information: Please note that all items listed below, unless otherwise indicated, refer to both my birth mother and my birth father. Please make copies of the original documents and mark out any information I am not allowed to see.

1. Date and time of child’s Birth
2. Name of Hospital of child’s Birth
3. Length of labor
4. Name of Child at birth
5. Name of Court where/when adoption was finalized
6. Name of Court where /when relinquishment occurred
7. Name of foster care agency
8. Date of foster care stay
9. Name and City of Foster care family (families)
10. Information on baptism, if child was baptized
11. Information on any court actions affecting child
12. What court, county was marriage/ divorce between birth parents finalized?
13. Name of Attorney who finalized adoption decree
14. Grandparents first names
15. Any record of medical history?
16. Full physical description of birth parents:
a. color of eyes
b. color of hair
c. age at my birth
d. height
e. weight
f. complexion
g. any birthmarks, scars, tattoos
17. First child?
18. Any full siblings? If so, how many?
19. Any half siblings? If so, how many?
20. The first name of each birth parent:
21. Where was each birth parent born?
22. Did they reside in King County at the time of birth?
23. If no, did they reside in Washington State? Were they from another state or country and came to King County for delivery and adoption?
24. What is the reason given for relinquishment?
25. Were birth parents married at the time of birth?
26. How long a time span between relinquishment and placement?
27. Was I named by my birth mother? My height? My weight? Any difficulties with my birth?
28. Are any other family members names listed in my records?
29. Social workers name?
30. Birth date of each parent
31. Occupation of each birth parent?
32. What hobbies were known for each birth parent?
33. What level of education was attained for each birth parent?
34. Any clubs or organizations?
35. What county and city was adoption finalized?
36. Please provide me a copy of the Final Order to Adopt, with last names whitened or blackened out.
37. Please provide me a copy of the Original Entrustment, Relinquish Form, with all identifying information names blackened or whitened out.
38. Was birth mother or father present in final court proceedings with an attorney, or was child represented by an attorney only?
39. Please list any/all childhood diseases or surgeries known for each birth parent:
40. Please list any/all genetic disorders known for each birth parent:
41. Were any or all of these diseases or illnesses experienced during my birth mother’s pregnancy?
42. At the time of birth and adoption, were birth grandparents still living? If not, what did they die from? What were their names?
43. At the time of birth and adoption, were birth great-grandparents still living? If not, what did they die from? What were their names?
44. Please include any medical records and/or information known for each birth parent.
45. Please include any medical records, birth records, nursery log records of birth and any known subsequent medical treatment prior to adoption.
a. Name and address of the medical facility where treatment was administered
b. Name and address of my delivery doctor
c. Name and address of the attending pediatrician


yeah so that's the letter. I heard it take 8-9 months to get the information back. UGH!

I'm planning a trip to Seattle/Renton area in the next few weeks to do some of the work I've been wanting to do in the King County courthouse archives. I've got some divorce records to look through!

more soon..

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