Family Tradition

Just as a side note – here is a link to my adoptive family. If you scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page you'll see my name. Its an interesting page, that covers my mother's side of the family.
*****removed this link for protection of my family.

Been online lookin for plane tickets. I'm also setting up a list of things I need to do while in washington. As i mentioned before, one of the main things i'm doing is heading to the King County Courthouse to look through divorce records. I dont know why people keep telling me that its too big of a task – but I've got a 10 month period I'm looking within. It shouldnt be that big of a deal. I havent had any luck with finding someone who will just go and print the stuff out for me!

I'm also going to go to the library in Renton and do some work there. I'm not sure what story I'll be telling librarians, but it will probably be directly connected to something about the fact that I'm a PhD student at UC Berkeley and I'm doing research on a family in that area and some names are missing or something.

I'm also going to check out the high schools in the area, get names, addresses and find out if they have a school library so i can find out if the birth father went to a high school in the area.

One question – why does it seem like most search groups are fixated on the birth mother? I have not quite been able to understand that. Perhaps because its the birth mother who has to fill out so much of the paperwork and the clues come from that information.

I'm not sure if i should wait the 8 months before I get the new non-id from Olympia. I'm sure it would narrow some stuff down, but – i cant help it. I need to do some work on this!


3 thoughts on “Family Tradition

  1. Are you still doing this? Have you had any luck? What’s going on? I need an update.

    You’ve found your sister. That’s me, that’s me!!! I wish you most luck.

    Love ya.

  2. hi. i am adopted too…i jus started my search. can you offer me some advice…like you i dont want to wait the 8 monthes for the non id information.

  3. hi i grew up in renton the hospital most likely you were born at is renton general hospital.. which no longer exists.

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