Racial Politics of me

I just hope people will read today's post without shutting down, and with serious consderation for what I am critiquing.

i am overwhelmed at times by the arrogance of white people who just think that if we dont talk about race, and if we just teach our children that racism is wrong then the world will be ok. Its never about looking in-depth about what racism IS and what particular ACTS are racist. People get caught up in the "intention" arguement. In other words, if I didnt "mean it" then its not racist. People think that unless Im doing outright violence or wide open discriminatory acts then its not racist!

Isnt is racist to assume that because i am white i can take care of those tsunami babies better than their own people can? I'm not arguing that there arent some folks who just dont care, and they just want a baby – but …


what do i do with things like this website – that when i look at the faces of the kids who have been taken to homes with other siblings – white siblings – I CRINGE! All i do is think about these girls and boys in their new homes, in all-white neighborhoods, going to all-whtie schools, with people saying fucked up things to them their entire lives – both children AND adults!

what does it mean that I'm so full of fear for these children who's parents may WANT to protect them, but do not have the tools to do it! Are they developing friendships with people of color? Are they adopting other siblings that look like the 1st child? Do they talk to their children about race? Do they go to places where other people of color live/eat/party/dance/church etc?