coming back online

Its been a bit of time that I've actually done any work on the birth project. I'm still waiting for my non-ID from Olympia. I moved and have started school again, so as soon as my schedule settles in – I'm setting a trip for late september or early october to go to WA to check out the marriage and divorce archives.

I have to say – with the tsunami and the new orleans chaos – people looking for brown babies is at a high. I'm on a few transracial adoption lists and its interesting to me how during these past two catastrophic, – life changing moments – people still think about adopting children. I think about this several ways. One is – of course, the need/want for a child never ends and many of those ready to adopt – simply want a child. The other is – or actually the "BUT" on this first thought is – are they truely prepared to parent a child with skin color that is different? AND are they ready to challenge thier own lives, thoughts, and ways of BEING to handle this preperation? I'm so over the thought process that argues that race doesnt matter. It may not matter to us in our individual identities, but it matters when the child goes out into the world. and to act like it doesnt exsist – is to practice negligence in our parenting. Your job is to protect your child from pain, and to prepare them for the world. To act like race doesnt exsist – or that the material ramifications of race arent a reality – …. is wrong.


3 thoughts on “coming back online

  1. Hey please tell her/him to come check out the blog! I love comments and love to meet folks. I’m also in pre-production for a documentary i’m doin.. i’m looking for folks to participate.

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