Today’s Phone Call

Got a phone call this morning from a search angel in washington state. She and two other angels are working hard on getting through the divorce indexes. I dont have to make a special trip to Seattle. This is so crazy, because when i was home for Christmas, I had the opportunity to go to Seattle, and I took the time to stay with my family and to get to know my cousins a little bit more. I'm thankful that I did that, becuase my little cousin Lina Maria is adopted by my cousins from Columbia and I have this strange need to let her know she can talk to me anytime she wants.

back to the point. its very wierd to have 2 total strangers willing to offer up help and support for something so personal. But im thankful and recognize it as Jah moving in my life. He and the Mother watch out for me so clearly, my whole life it is revealed in crazy ways. Will this next thing send me into another tailspin? what happens when I know "who i am"?

will it change me? yes and no. Its wierd to be perched on this precipice, knowing that the moment is about to come. Ive read the books, but the next parts of this are going to happen so fast. Ive been ready. I hope I handle it well, and i hope that I can take whatever answer is given me.

one love

4 thoughts on “Today’s Phone Call

  1. Hi, Lisa Marie — Just wanted to leave a quick comment to wish you luck in your search. I’m a fellow transracial adoptee (of the Korean sort). Although our situations are different, I really identify with a lot of the feelings and frustrations you’ve expressed here in your blog.

    I found and met my birth parents in 2002, and over the past 4 years have been on a real rollercoaster ride — having lost my b-father to cancer this past year, and continually making new discoveries about my history and my family’s past. Although it’s been rough at times, the experience has helped me feel more whole. I hope you find some of the answers you are looking for — whether in your birth records or within yourself.

    … Peace & aloha …

  2. Ji-in

    Im so thankful your comments and thanks for stopping by! I so appreciate hearing what other people have to say, and what other folks experiences have been.

    Our situations are ‘different’, but are so, so similar. Its the same story, but with a different ‘color’. I’d love to hear more about your reunion and your experiences with both your adoptive and birth families.

    peace and please stop by again!

  3. Lisa Marie — Thanks so much for your response, and for blogging your thoughts here. I think it’s important that our voices be heard, all across the spectrum of transracial adoption.

    You are most welcome to drop by my blog anytime, where I chronicle many of my reflections on my adoption-related experiences. I bookmarked your blog in my list of regular reads and added a link on my blog as well. Keep on speaking out!–>

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