Ungrateful Daughter Show, New T-Shirts and Site update

I feel so out of the loop! Ive missed you all while Ive been moving over to the new site, wrapping up the semester. So as mentioned in the last post. The Birth Project's site on blogger, started trippin out – and since I had already been considering a move to wordpress – the time seemed ripe! So here we are! Welcome and please pass the new site address on.

So much goin on with my reunion update will come soon, and with an update on the TRA Represent collection. Writings are starting to flow in, the response from people has been great.

The show on sunday night (2nd excerpt of Ungrateful Daughter) at the Off-market was great! I want to send out love for all the people who come out to see the show, those who gave me some feedback and those who sent me love by myspace.. etc.. much love to you all for your support. It means alot to me as the piece grows from a little 15 minute solo piece to an hour long show. The writing is going slow, but it is fun and very self-revealing.

Hey! I finally feel like we can start acting like we exsist and following in the steps of sister Ji-in – Im debuting some t-shirts I made about a year ago, but never put into the public! So yay! We finally have something that is ours, and sometimes i feel like there is a big stamp on my forehead, and sometimes i feel like wearing a shirt would alleviate so much pressure and explanation – so part of the beginning of these designs is to be vocal and kind of smart-ass about it. More designs coming soon with more variety to your annoucement! for now- check out TRA Represent! Store . and Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Ungrateful Daughter Show, New T-Shirts and Site update

  1. Good to have you back in the blogosphere, sis! Nice shirts 🙂 We could open a TRA boutique. (Shirts, I mean, not TRAs! Although…. )

  2. Aw Lisa, I wish I had known about your show – I would DEFINITELY have been there. I am looking forward to meeting you — soon I hope?

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