Off to TRA camp!

I never thought in my entire life that I would be saying those words. I’m off to TRA camp – in the Santa Cruz mountains. A week of spending time with little tiny and not so tiny mini-me’s! oh.. AND their parents … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

🙂 I’m completely open with no expectations about what this should be. I’m doing a poetry workshop and performing the show. It should be a trip to perform it for this audience and Im totally thankful to PACT for giving me the opportunity to share this piece in front of the people, in many ways, who this is for. I hope they’ll let me come back next year when the piece is totally done.

 The camp is about 50% African American kids. I wonder how many counselors are black? I’ll find out. It should be interesting becuase it seems like since the National Black Social Workers in the 70’s did their thing, denouncing Black TRA’s, people moved internationally so many, many of adults are Korean, Chinese etc… but now days its much more common to adopt black (american/ african/ or caribbean..etc) children.

anyhow- I’m looking forward to meeting fellow TRA warrior Ji-in – yay!

 see you all next week with lots of stories… ha!


3 thoughts on “Off to TRA camp!

  1. Oh, good luck Lisa, and I’d be really interested in hearing all about how it went. So jealous that you and Ji-in get to meet up. I’ve had my few experiences with some local adoptee camps, so of course I’d like to share stories sometime. Have a good week and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Lisa Marie, you are such an awesome presence at this camp and personally a great companion for me on this journey. I know it will take a while to untangle the many knots of this complex, amazing experience. I am so glad to have met you and to have had the opportunity to spend this week with you in the Den of Adoptees.

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