TRA camp Photos

Some of the best (& 1 worst) things about TRA camp!

Meeting an entire posse of fab women TRAs!! (LtoR – Amy G, the Ungrateful Daughter herself, Susan Ito, Ji-in, Robin R.)

Me thinking *really* really hard at the Adult Adoptee panel! Ummm..  yes you SHOULD move out of your all -white community, yes you SHOULD come out of your comfort zone and address your own racism. duh!

Me and Amy G., newest soul sister TRA! This woman is freakin amazing. Im so glad i met her, and that she was put on this earth.

Me and some of the amazing teen TRA’s at the poetry reading of their work!

One of the mothers I actually thought was CAH! (cool as hell)

Amy G and I in a candid with one of the amazing counselors, Kiki. One of the cool things that the counselors did was have a “hair clinic” for AP’s. None of the AP’s came. So the 3 of us tried to assist one of our young sistas. Her mother said, “You know, I always have black women coming up to me to tell me ways to do my child’s hair”. Ummm , then do you think that possibly your child’s hair is messed up, and before she gets a complex when kids start baggin on her you might want to find her a salon, a hairdresser and start her on a regimin? ..tha hell?  Ummm. Did i mention the other woman who tried to tell the three of us that she knew more about black hair than we did? I’ve been black all my life lady. Jezuz. How much more do i need to say? Attention AP’s. Black women’s hair is a VERY big deal. It is cultural and spiritual. I can explain if you like.

Film: Black, Bold and Beautiful: Black Women’s Hair

Book: Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America


Meeting and comiserating and being able to thank Ji-In *superstar!* This woman is a serious blessing.

On the way home, trying to catch my breath/heart at Half moon Bay.


3 thoughts on “TRA camp Photos


    I think next year we should make the hair clinic mandatory for everyone, with demo’s, a lecture by you, maybe showing some clips from that film. It was a great gesture by the counselors to offer it, but it ended up being too casual/optional. Next year, its importance will really be underlined.

  2. Aaah! I’m so shiny. We need to exchange photos — Amy had her eyes closed in my group shot after dinner.

    I’m a little bit surprised that so few (oh, I mean ZERO!) parents turned out for the hair ‘clinic,’ given the nods of approval and gestures of great interest that they initially showed when it was announced.

    But holy hell. That lady needs the TRA hair smackdown. Damnit.

  3. Hmm…I used to get Black women coming up to me telling me how to do MY hair. Really felt like smacking their refried brains back into orbit, but it turns out they Could NOT hEAR ME because they felt that the side of the line on which they stood was superior, feminine, respectable, and the only way to live life in a civilized land, post-enlightenment.

    For that reason, I am so hesitant to say something to other women about their TRA child’s hair. I just don’t want to offend a woman who may be trying, though she is clearly mystified. I did make some suggestions to an in-law’s sister (White) who recently adopted from Ethiopia about using lotion on the skin, thick with emollients, and not the cheap stuff. But then she said something about ‘thank goodness they have good hair…’ and I knew she would not be able to hear me.

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