Wax off

Ummmm.. ok. Am i late on this one? Somebody let me know. I was forwarded this story from a friend – its from People mag rag.

Ahhhh Brad, Angelina and Shiloh. Immortilized in wax at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City.  Madame Tussauds will give $1 to UNICEF for every Pitt-Jolie family photo that visitors purchase. Such a beautiful family. (sigh).

but wait… where is son Maddox and daughter Zahara? Arent they part of the Pitt-Jolie crew? Isnt the eldest the heir to the throne? Apparently not in the eyes of Madame Tussaud who has made global who is and who isnt worthy of royal recognition. Who is and who isnt visible. Who is invisible.

Lets just go ahead and reinforce the fact that even royal TRA’s arent part of the family, after all, they arent born into the bloodline. …the hell? ok… send your pissed off letters – here.

Someone needs to check Madame’s curators before I go up there with a freaking blowtorch.


8 thoughts on “Wax off

  1. I wish we could get the story from AJ and BP. Do they have any control over the images? If not, have they protested, made a statement, given a raspberry? Something? Either I live in a cave or they have had no response to the display.

  2. I totally wish I knew what the Jolie-Pitt crew has to say about it. Im not even critiquing *them* in this equation. Because I hope to heaven they would actually be pissed about their family being represented in an inaccurate manner. But i can only hope.

  3. Bit late to comment here, but I saw an article last week that quoted Tom Cruise as saying he wanted 10 kids, so that meant poor old Katie had to have another nine. I thought “mate, what about the the other two you supposdely already have ???”.

  4. I had the same reaction….oh, isn’t that just peachy? And Weird!

    But then I realized, where are her other kids? Oh, they’re adopted. They don’t count. Don’t waste wax on them.

  5. They actually published this photo in The Korea Herald, an English-language newpaper here in Seoul. Immediately, I wanted to hurl. What I first noticed was that Zahara and Maddox are indeed missing. And I also noticed that the whole set-up of how they’re placed just screams “nativity scene.’ With Angelina as the Holy Virgin Mother. Gaaahhhhh!!

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