Survivor Show Protest

I haven’t seen it – nor do I care to, and nor will I watch it “to become informed” and raise the ratings. But i know enough to know that this is such a mess. Who’s idea was this crap? I just cant see the purpose of actually pitting people against one another. It seriously reinforces the thing of.. well race doesn’t really matter, and there really is no historical context for race that informs how we are with one another in present day . . . so its okay to play with it like its meaningless. I’m so irate I could serious start a fire with just the heat coming out of my fingers right now.

Write to these people telling them to get rid of that show. Tell your friends to write. and tell them to turn off their tele’s.

Leslie Mooves President and CEO

CBS Television Network

51 West 52nd St
New York, NY

Mark Burnett Executive Producer Survivor

Survivor Entertainment Group

9899 Santa Monica Blvd. PMB 2002
Beverly Hills, CA



Local CBS Station


855 Battery St
San Francisco, CA

Ron Longinotti VP and General Manager   



Akilah MonifaDirector,

Corporate Communications


2 thoughts on “Survivor Show Protest

  1. You’re going to hate me. I actually watched this show. (for the first time ever) I was excited by the prospect of seeing POC being in the majority for once. And I actually do think it is a way of acknowledging (for once) that race DOES matter, and that it absolutely influences the ways that people see and treat each other. I don’t think it’s any brilliant social commentary by any means, but I also think it might make some people think. I don’t think it can make things any worse. (of course I could live to eat my words; I might be seriously underestimating the idiocy of a show like this)

    Are we still friends? or am I going to burst into flame?

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