TRA familia on Addicted to Race

Hey – check out my girls Ji-in and Jae Ran Kim in a roundtable dicussion on an Addicted to Race podcast.  They discuss, among other ‘thangs’, the “. . . unique dynamics of TRA dialogue, the pitfalls of the “colorblind” approach to adoption, as well as the prevalence of cultural appropriation.” (from TTR)

I love these wimmins. (wiping away a tear).

(Addicted to Race is a podcast about America’s obsession with race, with specific emphasis on mixed race identity and interracial relationships created by hosts Carmen Van Kerckhove and Jen Chau of New Demographic and Mixed Media Watch)


One thought on “TRA familia on Addicted to Race

  1. Aw shucks… 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Hmm. I’m thinking … Ungrateful Daughter podcast, in old-school radio mystery drama style … a sultry theme song … sound effects … a TRA background chorus of well-timed shrieks and unintelligible ranting. I think it could be a hit!

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