2 More Upcoming Shows! Yay!

Yay! If you missed it – I’ve got two more upcoming performances of “Ungrateful Daughter”.  If you’ve seen the show – please tell other folks and send me some comments, questions or raves 🙂 about what you saw!

and i actually have an assignment for you peoples. Those of you that have seen the show – do you think that a 9 year old could handle the content, if their parents were involved in discussions of race? I’ve always said that High School age young men and women could handle it, but I’ve never consdiered any younger. I mean, there is only one place where I curse, and otherwise its just full of layers. What do you all think? 

Wednesday October 18 – 8pm (doors 7:30) and

Thursday October 19 – 8pm (doors 7:30)

with “The Secret Circus” at the new Berkeley Marsh Theatre.

Tickets are $10-22 sliding scale. (students w ID $5)

 The Marsh Theatre at Berkeley is located at:
2120 Allston Way Berkeley (at Shattuck) in the Gaia Arts Center. (2 blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART). For more info about the circus – Go to our MySpace Page 

The Secret Circus is also a show I’m co-producing – whoa!!! So if you came ANY of the weeks that this show is running – your presence would be much appreciated! Check out the calendar on myspace!!


2 thoughts on “2 More Upcoming Shows! Yay!

  1. Yes, I think a 9 year old could handle your show. As long as parents are available for lots of talking before & afterward (about content and context — the 9 y.o. probably won’t know who Aunt Jemima is and such). I’m just waiting for my 5 y.o. daughter to get a little older so she doesn’t run onto the stage in the middle of the show to comfort LM or prevent something from happening (NO!! don’t cut her hair! NOO!!)

  2. I think it totally depends on the 9 yr old in question and their development and the degree to which they’ve thought/talked/articulated stuff about race and adoption. And how much these issues affect them directly. And how much the parent(s) are willing to process before, during and after. Yeah.. it all depends!

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