They Just Dont Know

but imma tell them.

I’m on my way out the house to the airport to pick up my homeboy comin in from IL for the American Studies Conference. Im late already, but my mailbox is full. My copy of “Outsiders Within” has arrived. Im so excited I put down my bag and right on the porch, open the copy and read the dedication. Its to me. To you. To us.

I am in tears on my front porch so overwhelmed I cant stop them. This is why I write. Why I speak, why I perform. Im so tired of someone telling me who and what I am.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

(P.S.  I expect updates from all of you at the conference in NY!!! Im sending love and I wanted to come, but was already committed to ASA Conference!) 

3 thoughts on “They Just Dont Know

  1. I actually just read the dedication to Outsiders Within today, too, and I had the same feeling…. Enjoy the conference; I’m here in NYC w/ Harlow’s Monkey for the TRA research conference.

  2. I’ve made it through the intro. I’d actually be happy enough with just that, but the fact that I’ve got 300 pages of fabulously, brilliantly written research, essays, prose and art to read through thrills me beyond words. I’d like to take a week off to just read this thing. Here’s to us!

  3. I am blasting through this book now. It’s really amazing. And: check out my blog for a few tidbits from the NY conference. I was so happy to meet Sarahkim and Jae Ran!

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