Madonna Madness


Here’s an article about Mr. Banda, the baby’s father. I cant even respond to this yet. More soon.


One thought on “Madonna Madness

  1. From today’s SF Chronicle:
    “The father of the 13-month-old Malawian boy adopted by Madonna claims he had no idea he was sending his son “away for good” and if he had known he would never have agreed to the adoption.

    Yohane Banda, 32, says local officials in Malawi never properly explained the procedure to him and he thought the pop superstar would only be looking after his son David during his education.

    Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie were granted interim adoption of 13-month-old David Banda last Tuesday. But Yohane, who is illiterate, said yesterday, “I was never told that adoption means that David will no longer be my son … If I was told this, I would not have allowed the adoption.

    “I want more clarification on the adoption. I would prefer that David goes back to the orphanage where I can see him any time I want, rather than send him away for good.

    “I cannot read or write so I relied on what (government) officials told me, that the papers said Madonna would look after the child the way the orphanage planned to educate him.

    “What we agreed with Madonna was that she looks after my child until he finishes school and becomes independent. Then he comes back to me.”

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