My First Review! Yay!

Check out my first review in the Berkeley Daily Planet!

I think one of the interesting things about my solo show is the title. “Ungrateful Daughter” seems to be a sharp-edged title in the way that it grabs people’s attention – what does she mean? I think that most of my reasonings for choosing this title are connected to the discourses that surround adoption and loyalty to family. In most popular cultural imaginations of the way that adoptees should be responding to adoption is indeed either a “one or the other” response. So many of us adult adoptees have talked about our resistence to this “grateful/successful” vs. “ungrateful/failure” binary already that I wont go into it again here, but this dialouge is really what this title attempts to speak to, the complexity of this experience.

In this review, Kassof mentions me being “disenchanted” – its an interesting word. I dont know if I even was “enchanted” with being adopted or being the only black person in a white world. I think another word might be ‘critical’, which is something I think many white parents are unprepared for when their child grows up to understand the world in a particular way, and begin to respond to them in a particular way because of this understanding.

Overall – Its cool to get a review. I love that she was willing to take the chance to come to the show. I like that she was disturbed. That means I did something right. Cool. 

I want to thank my director, my workshop mates, my friends, countrymen… and my TRA familia. lol…. you like me.. you really like me! 



4 thoughts on “My First Review! Yay!

  1. Congratulations! Brava! This will get the word out too. The AP (I’m one too) sounded wary but attentive, but ??? Waaay more than “competent” acting chops!
    Brava! Brava!

  2. Hey, congrats, sis! Disenchanted, hmm. Maybe just plain “un” enchanted. 🙂 At least she didn’t say “Oh, she’s just angry!” 😛

    How do you think your mom would react to being called “a simple country woman”? My mom was described once in an article (about my Korean adoptee sis) in my hometown newspaper as “sturdy.” Nice.

  3. Well I think one of the biggest things is that my mom isnt ‘simple’ by any means. She’s totally complex – although she would definately embrace the ‘country’ part. She loves living out there. ack! and ‘sturdy’ – ha! good one.

    thanks for the love both J and Sheila – — and you – dont you owe me something writer girl?

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