TRA radio!

I’m gonna be on the radio on monday November 6th from 1-2pm on KPFA Berkeley  – 94.1 FM on their Women’s Magazine. The show is about transracial adoption and I’ll be featured on the hour alongside interviews with other TRA’s Julia Chinyere Oparah and Sandra White Hawk.

If you arent in the area – you can click the link above and listen online! Cool! I’ll be doin an excerpt from the show, so if you havent seen it you can hear it! (UPDATE: If you missed the original airing time-  the archived version of the show is here)

The interview was good, but always when I do these things I think of a million things I could have said when I’m done. I’d love to hear your comments, questions and stuff when its all over! Fun!


 “In recognition of National Adoption Month, KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine will feature the voices of women of color adoptees. We will speak to two adoptee’s from the new anthology “Outsider Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption” co-editor Julia Chinyere Oparah and contributor Sandra White Hawk about this ground breaking anthology which for the first time brings together the voices transracial adoptees, examines their experiences and the colonial systems that (re)produce the adoption industry . We will also hear the voice and work of poet and performance artist Lisa Marie Rollins, a piece from her one woman solo about being transracially adopted “Ungrateful Daughter.” Finally a commentary by Elizabeth Creely on Prop 73 the anti-choice proposition on the ballot november 7th in California. Monday from 1-2pm on KPFA at 94.1 FM or on the web at”


6 thoughts on “TRA radio!

  1. Lisa Marie, I just had my own flashback to Pact camp listening to your excerpts from “Ungrateful Daughter” during the KPFA interview. Listening to Julia Chinyere Oparah and Sandra White Hawk also soothed some of my disappointment that I won’t be able to attend the west coast premiere of Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption on Thursday evening. This book is so important! I will read it again and again.

    One essay, “Love is Colorblind: Reflections of a Mixed Girl” by Jeni C. Wright reminded me of the part of your solo performance when you are getting ready to sing in church. Your portrayal of yourself as a young girl conveyed such exuberance and zest for life. Then, when repeated applications of Johnson’s no more tangles doesn’t tame your hair and your curls are cut… Oh, it was so painful to sit in that audience at Pact camp.

    Jeni Wright recalls returning home from college to find her little sister with matted dreadlocks that needed to be cut off. “I assumed the victory was mine when Mary’s afro was long enough to be put into ponytails. Then I went away to school and left my mother to carry the torch. She dropped it without knowing what it was.”

    There is a difference between Jeni’s mother and me. I dropped the torch knowingly. I was educated in foster/adoptive parenting classes that hair care is important in the African American community. Nevertheless, I put my eldest son thru a succession of bad hair days by shaving his head myself. It took me far too long to take my son to a black owned barbershop. I now realize that carrying the torch that TRAs have lit for APs is less effort than trying to stumble around without a guiding light. I also realize that torches can be passed, the light can spread until the words of TRAs illuminate and transform our local communities and the world.

  2. I love it! TRA Radio. I missed that first part of your poem that they edited out, but it was so good to hear your beautiful voice out there, educating & enlightening and spreading awareness. Nicely done, sis!

    Loved what Julia Chinyere Oparah and Sandy White Hawk had to say as well. These issues are so important, and you all represented yourselves and TRA Nation so well. Three powerful TRA voices in one show! Rock on.

  3. Mollie – I remember us talking about our hair stories! Thanks for stoppin by!

    TTR- Yeah – something happend and the entire 1st stanza of the poem “Mulatto Story” is missing. Its a pretty important framing of the poem, so I’m not sure what else to do but put the poem online the way it should be. I’ll probably put it on myspace. but I’ll figure it out. Next time I’ll take an audio piece from a show I have recorded with an audience.

    Man Julia and Sandy ripped it UP!!! I’m honored to be on the show with them! I think their way of thinking about and presenting the concerns of the book were really great. I appreciated most the continued emphasis on the support of families in crisis and the larger connections of globalization and imperialism.

  4. Thanks for posting the link! It was great to hear such such powerful voices speaking about things people have been too eager to ignore. I found myself nodding and applauding as all of you zoomed in and didn’t back off.

    Sending TRA love your way!

  5. Loved it! You and Julia and Sandy were awesome. It was so validating. Smart, brilliant critique. Oh, I love it!

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