Tea Head Tales

I’m not sure if I’ve shared any of my favorite things with you all yet – but one of the things about having an organic farmer for a mother,  I am suspicious of prescription medicine. No surprise here. Usually when I catch a cold, I do everything I can to fast, drink liquids and use natural methods to rid my body of whatever virus it has.

One of the things I’ve grown to love is tea. I love tea and I’ve got the best roommate ever who also loves tea. Hardly a day goes by where we don’t have one or two pots stewing in our house. yum.

My favorite is ginger lemon tea. One of the best things about living in a town like Oakland – (I hella loveOakland- don’t believe the hype!) is that I can buy huge clusters of fresh ginger root at my farmers market every Friday.

To make a pot of yummy ginger lemon tea. Put on the pot of boiling water. Cut up about 1 & ½ clumps of ginger, skin and all, (rinsed off), a ½ lemon. In the stewing tea pot put the ginger and squeeze the lemon out and then drop the lemon rind into the pot. When your water boils, fill your stewing pot and just wait!

My mom has a cool tea book and I just found a recipe for an extra ‘kick’ that will up the ante on my ginger root recipe. Ginger is excellent for so many things, digestion, tummy aches, and for relieving congestion/ flem. If you want to try this – use more ginger and add a sprinkling of cayenne pepper and a bit of honey  – it will help unstuff a stuffy nose!

Any other tea lovers?



The semester is winding down. Whew! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season and let you see this! I head out to visit my family soon – it should be a great trip this time. They just got back from cruise in the Caribbean, I’m tryin to firgue out what my mom wants for Xmas.  What I need to do is buy them a wireless router so I dont have to use their 56K modem to get online… yes I said 56K modem! – livin in the stix and stuff!

Enjoy this photo I found!

Santa pissed me off.


Its the last two weeks of the semester people. Ive got my own work I’m trying to finish, my huge stack of student essays that I have to grade and tons of deadlines for people that I’m working on for academic essays to get published and some poetry I’m sending out. I’m also working on creating the press packets for the Secret Circus and Ungrateful Daughter. Too much stuff.

Ive been fighting this cold and trying to stay indoors – ack. So I’ll be MIA for a bit until this semester is done.