Disney’s first Black Princess

Its about freakin time!

Disney has finally stopped representing black people as animals (i.e The Lion King) and has stepped up to create a  new animated feature with its first black princess!

I’m not sure if she starts off as a frog or what the frog has to do with the story… (sigh), but I’m still looking forward to gathering up a gaggle of little girls to go and check it out. I hope they dont mess it up. She’s from New Orleans – so fingers crossed.

Speaking of black bodies and animation – (and the next blog Im writing for you!) I went to WonderCon in San Francisco and met a whole bunch of up and coming and old school black comic and cartoon artists. I’m really excited about their work in relationship to my dissertation work.

I also got to check out Nalo Hopkinson who did a reading at Revolution Books in Berkeley, author of one of the books I’m writing on for my dissertation, Midnight Robber.  She spoke about many things, but interestingly enough responded to a white mother, who asked a question about hybridity and identity and science fiction and referred to her mixed race daughter as an example of the future of race in the US. (READ: “race doesnt matter”)… I know you are waiting on the edge of your seats to hear what my gurl had to say.