AFAAD Film Event Fundraiser

Shameless plug for AFAAD Fundraiser! Please Support!

AFAAD has teamed up with the The African /African Diaspora Film Society in Oakland, CA to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of “Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption”. Struggle is the first documentary film to feature the perspectives of Black and Asian adoptees who grew up in white families. The film also includes a new addition – a look back from 10 years later. (This event is also supported by Pact, An Adoption Alliance)

Our post-film discussion will include a panel of Adult Adoptees from the African Diaspora and include members of the audience who are Korean and Chinese transracial adoptees. This conversation will not explore the debate over transracial adoption, but push past whether or not its ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but will argue for an understanding of adoption’s role in the politics of a global racism and examine the need to reform the social welfare system and the welfare systems connection to the prison systems.

This event is also the first fundraiser for AFAAD. We really need your support for a basic start up budget. We need a P.O box, we need a web site, we need a database and a mailing budget to get the word out about the organization! If you can donate any of these or any other services to us – please contact us. Every dollar counts! Your donation is tax-deductible. For more information on our needs – please visit our website below.

Please join us!

Sunday August 5th, 2007
Parkway Speakeasy Theater
1834 Park Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94606


September 13, 2007 at 7pm is our first official AFAAD dinner. If you are an adult adoptee of African/ Black/ Mixed descent, and you live in the Bay Area and can get to us – we invite you to come and join us! For information please contact or join the AFAAD email list —
TRA Represent!


My TRA cousin

About 12 years ago, my cousin adopted a baby from Guatamala. I’ve always wondered about her – what she thinks about herself as an transracially adopted girl, if she thinks about her BF and if her parents, my cousins discuss her reality (racially or otherwise) with her. My cousin seems open, and I’ve given her some books and recommended some stuff, but you never really know. The only thing i can do is just be here, and be open and ready if she has questions for me one day.

But today I’m just proud cousin. Check my gurl out! TRA Represent!

Lina-Maria in the Nationals!  

Watch out Olympics – she’s coming for YOU!

(P.S. – yes – I’ve just returned from PACT Camp/ TRA camp in the forest. Ive needed a few days to recover. But I’ll be posting my post-camp photos and stuff soon.  It was a good week – I got to meet John Raible, Amanda Baden and Sue Harris-O’Connor! Oh yeah – it was a powerful and emotionally tiring week. Im so thankful to be home! )

More Upcoming Shows

If you live in the Bay Area!! –  Shameless Plug to come see Ungrateful Daughter!

Upcoming Performances – 2007

Saturday July 7,   8pm

Sunday July 8,  4pm

Friday July 13, 8pm

Saturday July 14, 8pm
Sunday July 15,  4pm   

Sister Bowman Theatre in West Oakland  inside the Prescott Joseph Center

920 Peralta St (at 9th and Peralta, near west oakland BART)


OUTDOOR theater – so dress warm , bring a blanket and a flask. just kidding. but not about the blankets.

Email me for more info!