Upcoming Korean Adoptee Showcase

Korean Adoptee Artists Showcase: Celebrating the artistic achievements of adult Korean adoptees in California.

The Association of Korean Adoptees – San Francisco (AKA-SF) presents a premium night of art and entertainment in conjunction with celebrating our Ten-Year Anniversary. We will kick off the evening with a Korean banquet dinner; our four featured artists will follow. This diverse group of talent explores issues of transnational and transracial adoption in their work, revealing widely disparate as well as overlapping ideas on being Korean, American, adopted, and an artist.

Amy Anderson – Stand-up Comic and Emcee
Deann Borshay Liem –  Documentary Filmmaker

Katie Tupper –  Vocalist and Actress

Lee Herrick – Poet and Professor

November 2, 2007, 6:00-10:00 PM
$35 online tickets available until October 15th
$40 after October 15th or at the door
Special online ticket price for AKA-SF paid members

Inquiries: akasf@akasf.com <mailto:akasf@akasf.com>

Ohgane Korean BBQ
Banquet Hall, Upstairs
3915 Broadway Oakland, CA 94620

Proceeds go to Deann’s next film project, “Precious Objects of Desire,” and AKA-SF.


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