New Year Check In

I’m still here readers! Ive just been caught up in ‘catching up’. I had a wonderful holiday. Visited the fam up in WA state, did some research on the birth father search, watch a lot of movies I hadnt seen and read a few books I’d been wanting to read. I’m currently finishing the cleaning up of my office after the end of the semester grading frenzy, trying to get it together before teaching begins again.

2008 is gonna be so full of work, fun and of course, more TRA love! I’m excited about all of the projects I’ve got goin – the planning of the first AFAAD mini-gathering, the research and writing on my first academic publication on adoption and human trafficking, more poetry publications, applications for artist residencies, trying to finish my play and of course –  most importantly finishing my dissertation.

I’ve been so thankful to have done this work in adoption for the past years. But my success at it has come at the expense of finishing my PhD. Ive got to get done.

soooooooooo . . .I promise I’ll be around and that ABP is going nowhere. I’m just in hiding for a bit, re-prioritizing and reshaping my writing time to put my diss first.

I promise I wanna talk about Juno! 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Year Check In

  1. I can’t wait to hear your take on Juno. I’ve been working on a post on it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Sounds like your holiday break was exactly what was needed! Happy New Year

  2. Oooh Juno… can’t wait to find someone else to tear into it with me… was gonna say something about how the adoption triad was overwhelmingly stereotypical and white and particularly the comment about Juno saying she didn’t want an open adoption, but a “good and dirty” kind.

    Also, wondered why they didn’t go through an adoption agency?

    Also, comment on “Why don’t you get a baby from China? They send them out like iPods.”


  3. I loved Juno, it was a cute movie. Allison, you might be looking too deep into this movie. It’s through the eyse of a disenchanted teenager, not a mature adult like yourself.

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