Child Trafficking

 Quick update on the French “aid workers” who were caught last October trafficking children back to France and London to “host families” for 3K each. According to the Associated Press, 6 of the offenders were sentenced to 8 years in prison. Im glad about it – even if i argue they should have gotten life sentences, because thats the sentences the children would have had dammit – or at least 35 years – heh!   Read the full story here.


and in other child trafficking news…  

MAPUTO (AFP) — The United Nations expressed concern about child trafficking in Mozambique on Thursday after police intercepted a lorry carrying 39 children near the border with Zimbabwe.

Police in Mozambique stopped the lorry carrying the children on Monday as they were about to be smuggled across the border, the interior ministry announced Wednesday.

“This incident calls attention to the serious problem of child trafficking and the urgent need for the adoption of legal instruments to enforce the protection of children against abuse and exploitation,” said the UN resident coordinator in Mozambique, Ndolamb Ngokwey, in a statement.   Not much detail, but the rest here. 

and in other news:

I changed my dissertation topic to transracial / international adoption and child trafficking. WOOO-SAH!


3 thoughts on “Child Trafficking

  1. What was your dissertation before you changed it? Could it be any more rad? 🙂

    I’m totally gonna go be a you when I grow up.

  2. Hoping your dissertation puts some focus on the fact that the huge majority of trafficking that goes on has nothing to do with international adoption, but is rather about slavery and the sex trade. Take care with the red herrings that lead away from the real issues.

  3. sandra – one of the things about my work is actually making the connections between child traffcking, reproductive technologies and black women and how those intersect with international and domestic adoption. So for me – as you point out – there is an abundance of work on the sex trade and slavery and since not enough work has been done on making these other connections to international adoption, its where my interest is. Its also about putting it all in the context of a colonial history of slavery, ‘civilizing’ much like the histories of Native folk in Canada.

    Rainbow! thanks for the love! Im workin on it! 🙂

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