Chadian Children Reunited

An update on the Chadian children from last October in that Zoe’s Ark debaucle.

  “Kidnapped Chadian kids reunited with their families”

ADRE, Chad (CNN) — Nearly 100 children at the center of an international scandal that left them stranded at an orphanage in remote eastern Chad returned home after nearly five months Friday, and were being reunited with their families.

Some of the children who were nearly abducted by a French charity, pictured in Abeche in November 2007.

 It was a six-hour bus ride from Abeche, in eastern Chad, to Adre, on the border with Sudan, where mothers and fathers gathered at the post office waiting for their children.

 During the ride, the bus broke down when its radiator burst.

 Those accompanying the children were concerned about rebels causing trouble along the way, but that concern turned out to be unfounded.

 The 97 children were taken from their homes in October by a then-obscure French charity, L’Arche de Zoe (Zoe’s Ark), which claimed they were orphans from Sudan’s war-torn Darfur region.

Read the Rest here. 

(in my best beavis n butthead voice…”CNN said kidnapped.. heheheheh”)


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