Dissertating #2 in WA and Oakland, CA Madness

This is actually the place where all the papers are. Don’t be fooled by the first cell phone photo that doesn’t really fully capture the mess that is my work space. Wait until I get home and take a photo of that work space. You’ll be like, “oooooooh!, I see how it is!”

work space 2

So even though I’m technically on lockdown, I was able to get some internet yesterday at the Olympia public library to catch up on the mess that is Oakland. I wanted to share some resources with you that can be an alternative to the mainstream news about the young man, Oscar Grant who was shot and killed by BART police on New Years Eve.

When I get home I’ll post the actual videos, right now I’m just doing links because I don’t have the bandwidth to upload.

The Actual Video (Be WARNED! This is very intense! You cant help but think about the man’s parents and daughter.)

Davey D’s Channel (Video about whats happening on the streets of Oakland)

Local Oakland Hip Hop Artists responses (this amazing video articulates so much of what we already know about the racialization of black youth across the country by the police, the artists featured are such a great example of how deep Oaklands activist roots go. This is the video that you don’t see!)


3 thoughts on “Dissertating #2 in WA and Oakland, CA Madness

  1. I was going to say it’s still looking pretty tidy to me until I realized that’s the bed! Now I’m cracking up at the idea of you sleeping on the floor wedge between paper piles.

    Good luck with the heads-down. Hope there’s good coffee nearby.

  2. Lisa Marie-
    PACT member here – wondering if I could drop you an email about an internet adoption forum that is looking for diverse input – especially from adoptees with stron POVs.
    I know you are busy – but if you get a chance to respond that would be great.
    the forum is AdoptTalkCanada http://adopttalkcanada.com/forum/

  3. Lisa Marie, I really appreciated the links. On Happy Inaugeration Day, I listened to DaveyD interview Michael Franti on KPFA Hardknock Radio. Talk about another TRA representing! Definitely going to add his music to my collection. Now is the time to get active to hold the murderer of Oscar Grant to account. We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes!

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