April 13 Poem A Day

April 13

we shop for textiles, fabric and thread
as if it is the only thing we have to discuss

we pore over colors, cut shapes of disjointed edges
and I ignore how our bodies aren’t the same

you teach me patterns, flowers, log cabins, strips connecting
and pretend not to read what I write about the world

we align the squares, sewing them with articulate stitches
denying how much work it will take to make them fit

blue veins of your hands come through your skin clear now
I am afraid when I look at my brown fingers, of what will tear us apart.

but we stitch and iron and hum with this strong thread
cover the floor we sit on with laughter as I pull out a crooked stitch
and re-do it, tighter.

Prompt: write a poem that incorporates a hobby.


2 thoughts on “April 13 Poem A Day

  1. this is beautiful lisa! something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately…it makes me feel hopeful about things right now. thanks for sharing 🙂

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