Korean Adoptee Video

I just watched these and wanted to share. I’ll post more soon.


Towards a Sustainable Transracial Adoptee Movement

I’m headed to the Pedagogy & Theater of the Oppressed conference in MN this weekend! I’ve never been to MN, which i hear has one of the largest populations of Korean adoptees in the nation.

I’m presenting with the amazing folks – Jae Ran Kim, Dr. John Raible and Shannon Gibney

Our session:
Towards a Sustainable Transracial Adoptee Movement and Community: PTO Strategies + Experiments on Friday.

Friday night – the FIRST AFAAD dinner in MN. MN chapter here we come! oh yeah!

I’ll keep you posted with photos and reports from the conference!

Twitter Brownie Haiku Contest

Deadline Sunday May 24th!

i was makin brownies last night, decided I wanted to hear from you all about your love of chocolate brownies! Please submit a crafted haiku!

Winner will receive a care package of my brownies and recognition here at the Birth Project!

Submit the haiku to me at twitter.com/thirdrootprod with the hashtag #browniehaiku
or leave it as a comment here below!

good luck!

here’s my inspiration to you:

fudgy squares taunt me
a chocolate carnage dare
sweet empty fingers