“Ungrateful Daughter” at MIT Fri April 30th

As part of the ASAC’s “Adoption: Secret Histories, Public Policies” 3rd International Conference, 2010, on Friday April 30th I’ll be performing UD and sharing the stage with some other writerly folk impacted by adoption, Martha Gelarden, Adam Lazar, Ned Balbo, Rosemary Starace, and Craig Hickman.

Friday April 30th
Bldg 32-Room 123

I’m so excited! I hope if you are near you can come out and say hello.


4 thoughts on ““Ungrateful Daughter” at MIT Fri April 30th

  1. Hi Lisa!

    Is there any way this performance can be recorded on DVD? I’d love to buy it from you and donate it to my local public access channel.

  2. Hey Mara -thanks so much for your interest!! Its not quite fully developed yet to where I’d want it on DVD for sale, I’m gettin’ there and totally plan to make the DVD happen! I will totally keep you all posted on the progess. Where are you? Maybe one day I come to your town to perform and be there myself! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I’m in a small town in Northern California. The largest city nearby is Eureka. We do have the North Coast Repiratory Theatre in Eureka and Ferndale Repiratory Theatre in Ferndale. They might book your show. I’d absolutely love to see it. Yes, please keep us posted if you get it on DVD, I want a copy for me and for my local t.v. channel.

  4. Hi, Lisa, great job @ MIT! It was a pleasure treading the same stage with you (though not at the same time). Can’t say the same about that unwanted visitor during my own reading… 🙂
    Good luck on developing the performance & getting it onto DVD. It was a funny, heartbreaking, inspiring performance.

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