M.I.A Born Free

I usually don’t post music. I will be posting something about the passing of HipHop Legend Guru and what his life and work creating powerful music meant to me as a black girl living in an all white community. I’m sad and pained by this loss.

I also know influential, potent art when I see it. M.I.A is an woman vocal artist I’ve been listening to for awhile now, her first album being my favorite. I had to post this to support her and her work. Its incredible. I’ve learned that youtube pulled the video. I’m amazed they had the audacity to do that considering all the other useless, racist and misogynistic crap that’s in their database. It makes no sense.

This song, what it did was make me think of the ways in which Arizona is becoming a police state. Are we really “Born Free”?

Warning: This video contains graphic images. But its all TRUTH.

M.I.A “Born Free”
for a full screen movie of it.


3 thoughts on “M.I.A Born Free

  1. That was powerful and disturbing on so many levels… I was surprised to see who was being round up but it translates to any group deemed “unacceptable” by whomever has the supposed power to deem such things.

    I would never watch that again.

    I love the song.

  2. yes, i’m still devastated by the passing of brotha keith elam… thats something thats gonna haunt me for quite some time. rip guru.

    and as for sista m.i.a:

    i so miss the public stance of counter-cultural activists and revolutionists in art, music and lit.
    this video is the most refreshing thing i’ve seen in weeks!

    my daughter has sided with complacency, but my granddaughter is 3… i’m currently figuring how to insert this video onto her tv screen during the commercial breaks between spongebob and dora!

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