AFAAD connects, supports, and advocates for the needs of the African diasporic adoption and foster care community on a global level through community education and outreach, legislative advocacy, research, and social gatherings.

Founded in 2006, AFAAD is the first international nonprofit organization of its kind that brings together adult adoptees and fosters care alums from across the global African diaspora.
Who is AFAAD? AFAAD is one of the first adoptee led organizations specifically for adoptees and foster alums of African descent. We are from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds. As adult Black adoptees, we are domestic adoptees, we are transracial and international, we are those who survived foster care systems across the world, we are those adopted and raised by members of our own families. We are adopted to London from the U.S., to Sweden from Ghana, we are mixed Korean and Black, Caribbean, Afro-Latino, we are adopted to isolation and to diverse cities across the U.S., we are international and multilingual. We are multi-cultural, multi-racial – we are the diaspora.

AFAAD believes that providing connections for and creating space to make visible the adoption and foster community in Black/ African diasporic cultures worldwide will give support to those who otherwise remain isolated in their experiences. As adoptees and fosters ourselves, we believe that coming together, even simply to hear one another’s stories and experiences, is a powerful tool for those of us who have for so long felt we are alone.

One of AFAAD objectives is to ensure that conversations around adoption in both academia and in populate culture progress in a way that include contributions by adult adoptees. We support those who are conducting cutting-edge research, restructuring child welfare laws and policies, and creating new artwork, performance and films that reflect our unique experiences and perspectives. We place race, culture and connection at the forefront of our stories. We are committed to voicing a powerful message about kinship, family, race, survival, and global black identities.

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