I’m a New Columnist at Lost Daughter’s blog! Yay!

Been missing my blogs that focus on adoption and race? Well I’m happy to share that I will be regularly blogging for the wonderful “Lost Daughters” blog about once a month. Please check out my first post with them – up today!

Not Holding My Tongue: On Blogging and the Politics of Adoption

In other news – I’ve also been added to the Arts & Culture feature columnist list at the amazing Land Of Gazillion Adoptees Magazine! Look for my first article in Issue #3 coming in November. Yay!

Some upcoming work: 

October 16th at StageWerx in San Francisco,  I’m directing a new show with three new solo performers who are developing full length performances, “An Arab, A Showgirl & A Blonde…Walk into a Theater”  featuring Lisa Kotecki, Kellita and amazing youth performer Rebecca Marshall.  There are only a few tickets left so come out!

I’m offering another SoloHouse: Writing and Performing the One Person Show workshop starting October 19, 2013.

I’m speaking at Concerned United Birthparents Annual Conference this upcoming weekend in Carlsbad, CA.

and extra hyped to announce that I’ll be Keynote Speaker at the 2014 American Adoption Congress Annual conference in San Francisco.

National Adoption Month is coming up in November – I’ll be available for a limited number of lectures, workshops, readings or Skype’s to your classroom, nonprofit or organization! Please feel free to email me directly regarding my speaker /workshop fees.


Thanks for voting!

The winners of the Blog Scholarship are in!  I didn’t win, but I’m receiving 100.00$ I can use for food or towards new bras or that pesky phone bill this month.

and anyways – what I got out of it was way better.

You – my friends and family. I am thankful for you and I love you. I’m sending mad, mad love to everyone who supported me by voting, linking to my site, passing on emails, making comments on the scholarship site, etc. You have let me know that the work I am doing actually means something, that this work is touching you and that you appreciate it.

We all get so tired and overwhelmed with trying to ‘save the world’ in whatever way we are doing it and at times we have to just sit in our happiness.  — and happy is what I am and have been since receiving your responses to my call for voting. I have the BEST supporters, readers (new one’s – welcome!!) , friends and family.

you guys freakin rock. 

technical diffculties

Greetings All-

Something is amiss with the birthproject blog. All of my entries on Blogger have disappeared!!! Im in the process of transferring to wordpress. Please be patient and check back while Im working out the kinks – learning a new blog tool and basically sitting in front of my computer until my fingers fall off!I've got lots of work to do.. ugh!

until then – email me at lisamarierollins@gmail.com