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Become a supporter of Lisa Marie Rollins / Third Root Art Collective. 
2015-2016 are going to be busy, creative and fruitful years! I have many projects coming up that I’m excited to share with you all! Your financial support helps these projects come to fruition! It supports my ability to pay my production teams for their time and creative energy, offer work stipends, pay for travel expenses, pay myself for writing time, and much more.
Your donation is tax-deductible because my individual artist work and Third Root’s Collective production work is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas in New York. (click below)


Here is where your funding be directed:

– Paying honorariums for collaborating artists. (Director, Production assistant, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Image Art Design, Set and Light Designers, Graphic Designers, Creative consultants.)
– Costs for Theater Rental, House Managers, Techs
– Airfare and Room costs for me and my two Techs.
– Costs for Publicity and Marketing materials (flyers, posters, publicist, website)

Please know that when you donate to me, you are really donating to ALL the social justice, artistic and writing work I do. My writing, my performance work, my critical adoption  / adoptee advocate work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I cannot express how much your support means. Unless you indicate otherwise everyone who donates regardless of the amount will be listed on my website as a supporter of my work.

Current Projects (2015-2016): 

“TOKEN” (full description coming soon. ensemble play in research and writing development. Goal late 2015 workshop reading, 2016 workshop performances.)

“Side Chick: This ain’t no Harlequin Romance” (solo theater performance, 2015 workshop performances, goal 2016 full length theater run.)

“Free Black Horse” (collaborative documentary film project focused on Black Motorcyclists in the United States. full description coming soon.)

AFAAD (Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora, on hiatus until 2015. Adoptee-led organization, focused on healing, community, research and education. )